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The Amazing Staff of Busy Bee (BZB)

Our staff is a diverse group of individuals with their own expertise and knowledge, making BUSY BEE a fun and exciting place for children and parents. We’re all passionate about teaching children to become good people, and we continually foster their curiosity to discover new things.


Nancy Aitken – Executive Director

Nancy has owned and operated Busy Bee since 1969. Nancy’s goal has always been to empower children.



I was born and raised in Colombia (South America). As a child my mother showed me the world of Disney animated films and from there on, I could always be found drawing and painting. I studied nursing and eventually made the adventurous decision to move to the United States.

I moved to Dallas, TX with three children and started substitute teaching at their primary K-8th private school. After enjoying years of substitute teaching, I then taught Spanish to students in K-3, and then transitioned into caring for students with special needs. Continuing my love for art and crafts I always kept the classroom filled with creativity to keep the classrooms bright and the kids trying new craft projects.

Today I am is a happy grandmother of 2 boys that attend Busy Bee, and help care for children at Busy Bee.


Hello! I am Gina Manochio, I just moved to Sacramento from the Bay Area to continue my education at Sacramento State and get my degree in Early Childhood Education. I have loved working with children from a young age; From being a camp counselor at several camps, lifeguarding and baby sitting, I found anyway to bring out the inner child in myself. I have been working with toddlers for three years and have never found a job more fulfilling. I enjoy messy art projects, teaching the children new songs and watching them learn new things from day to day. I am extremely happy to be part of the Busy Bee team!

Upstairs Hive

Diane – Poppies

I have worked at Busy Bee since 1981. I have my degree in Early Childhood Education and have worked with all the different age groups. I have enjoyed each age group that I’ve worked with, and give me great satisfaction watching the children achieve their goals. I especially enjoy each one of the kids move onto the next age class and using the skills we’ve taught them. I enjoy watching them learn to be independent and able to communicate their wants and needs.

Jeremy – Tiger Lilies

I have over 11 years of teaching experience in early childhood education with more than 6 of those right here at Busy Bee. Over the years, I have worked with every age group, from infant/toddler up to Pre-K. Currently, with the Tiger Lilies, my group is geared towards 2 and a half year olds that are ready to move onto the next step of their social, emotional and educational development. The children work on potty training, expressing emotions safely, and pre-writing, math and reading each day. We also fine tune our fine/gross motor skills as well as self-control and regulation. This seems like a lot to do in a day but we still find time to express ourselves through art and music, with just enough time for some good old fashioned silliness.

I fell in love with Busy Bee on my very first visit. It was nearly a decade before I started teaching, but I always knew that it would be a great place to work. Now I am happy to say that both of my children love it here as well. The self-confidence, friendships, and life skills that they have acquired over their time here are the reasons that they enjoy getting up for school each morning.

Downstairs Hive

Deanna – Honey Bees

I’ve been a part of the Busy Bee family since 1999. My goal as your child’s teacher is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment. To encourage autonomy, while minimizing conflicts by offering age appropriate options, and help them to make and accept their choices. It’s ok to make mistakes and to make messes! That’s how we learn what works, what doesn’t, and improve upon them by trying again. In this way, I am helping to develop confident, independent children, who feel in control of themselves. Your children are our future! Let’s give them the stepping stones to success! I am! I can!

Kelly – Bumble Bees

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz in 2011. I moved back to Sacramento that same year and found a job working in an after-school program with elementary school aged children as well as their preschool program in Roseville. I fell absolutely in love with teaching, and cannot see myself working in any other field. I am very happy to be a part of the Busy Bee team! On weekends I volunteer at a women’s shelter in Citrus Heights through an agency called A Community for Peace. In my spare time I like to paint, read fiction and comic books, and spend time with friends and family. I love to be outside in nature, finding new river spots and traveling to new places.

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