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xGetting Started

If you are interested in enrolling your child at BUSY BEE, please read this page to learn about our Admission process.

Notice of Nondiscrimination Policy
IMG_20140808_115704-w600-h600Busy Bee Childhood Development Center admits students of any race, religion, national and ethnic origin. It does not Discriminate in providing services, educational programs, or admissions to children and their families on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital status.

Termination Policy
All children are accepted into the program on a trial basis. We will do everything we can to accommodate children’s individual needs and make their placement work, but if a child or parent exhibits behavior that could be harmful to other children, adults and or is in conflict with our policies and standards of behavior, Busy Bee reserves the right to dismiss the child from the center without prior notice. Children may also be terminated if financial obligations are not met. No student’s tuition may have more than a one month balance at any time.

Check Availability
If you are interested in enrolling your child at Busy Bee , please fill out the Wait List form and we will be in contact.

School Tour
If you are interested in checking out our school, come by for a visit. No appointment necessary. For first time tours we suggest that you come either before lunch (11:00) or after nap (3:00). Of course if you would like to come back for another visit before enrolling your child and would like to see those periods you are welcome to take a peek. Step into Busy Bee and you will feel a safe home environment where learning is fun!

During your visit you’ll ask questions of the Director and staff and observe the program in action. If you feel the program is a good fit for your family the enrollment process may begin. Our director will assist you in the enrollment process. At this time all enrollment forms required by the State of California as well as Busy Bee will need to be completed. For your convenience these forms are available on the website, just click here.

To insure your child’s place there will be a $75, non refundable registration fee due. There is also a 2 week trial period. If this is not the right environment for your child your unused tuition for the month will be refunded

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