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  • Sign your child in using the sign-in binder in their classroom. 
  • Please have your child here in enough time to join 9:00 circle/group time and please no drop off’s later than 10:00am.
  • Take your child to their cubby to drop off any extra change of clothes, special blanket, or stuffed animal for nap time, and his coat.
  • Take your child to a teacher, fill them in on your child’s evening and morning, while teacher performs a morning health check.
  • A full breakfast is served every morning until 8:15 am. Let your child fix his or her own food and decide whether to eat.
  • If your child needs a noon dose of medicine, drop it off in the kitchen and sign the chart giving us permission to administer the medicine.
  • The key to a good separation in the morning is to make it definite that you’re leaving, and after assuring your child that you will come back, leave promptly.
  • We have a waving window upstairs for children who may want to see their parents off.
  • Please make sure the gate is closed securely when you leave.


  • Sign your child out when you arrive.
  • Find a teacher and inquire about your child’s day.
  • Collect all your child’s belongings from their cubby, including artwork. Nap blankets will be taken home on their last day of the week.
  • Please make sure the gate is closed securely when you leave.
  • Only authorized adults on your child’s Emergency Card can pick up your child.
  • Please arrive no later than 6 pm.You will be charged $1 for every minute after 6 pm if you come in late. The money goes directly to the teacher who must stay late while waiting for you.  Please remember it is also the end of the day for that closing teacher, if you arrive at or very near to 6 pm sign out and leave in a timely manner.



  • Please call us by 9:30am if your child is not coming in or if he/she is coming late.
  • California State Law requires you to use a car seat to transport your child.
  • We have limited parking space available. Park courteously. If you’re not sure where you can park, please ask.
  • Do not park in front of BZB on Wednesday before noon,  (street sweeping) you will be ticketed.
  • Feel free to call us during the day to see how your child is faring.
  • Drop in and visit Anytime.
  • Dress your child for fun, not fashion.
  • Label ALL your child’s clothes and belongings with permanent laundry pen.
  • If your child is in diapers, bring a box a week..
  • Bring extra clothes in case of any mishaps from wetting, food or having fun.
  • Leave at home: Family heirlooms, money, marbles, toy guns or toy knives, candy, gum, toys small enough to be swallowed or choked on, irreplaceable favorites.
  • Read the parent bulletin board every day. Post your own notices there. We are a parent information exchange.
  • We value open communication with parents. If you have any issues or concerns, please bring them to our attention right away.
  • Friday is show and tell day. Your child may bring a special toy or book to share with the class.
  • You must supply a clean labeled nap blanket every Monday. Take it home and launder it over the weekend.
  • Please bring a clean water bottle/canteen labeled with your child’s name on your child’s first day of the week and home to be washed on the last.
  • We hold parent-teacher conferences at your request or ours. 
Busy Bee Childhood Development Center
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Hours: Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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