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The Kids

The daily programs offered at BUSY BEE are play based and flexible, yet planned.

IMG_20140804_100557-w600-h600They vary with the child’s age, but all children are exposed to at least two art activities a day, music, science, fine and gross motor activities, language development, and auditory activities. As they approach kindergarten age, their program becomes more structured, emphasizing cognitive skills they will need to succeed in school.

At Busy Bee, the children play and learn outside as much as possible, weather permitting. Each class has an opportunity for one hour of outside play before lunch and at least one hour in the afternoon.



7:00  Open – Table/floor activities
7:45   Breakfast
8:15  Table/floor activities children’s  choice
9:00   Circle time: Welcoming, Songs, Story, Themes
9:15  Morning Snack
9:30   Outdoor Play
10:30  Small group activities: Art – Sensory
11:15  Story time – finger plays
11:30   Lunch
12:00   Nap
2:00   Wake up – Books
2:30   Large group indoor play
3:00   Afternoon snack
3:15   Outdoor play
4:15  Table/floor play
5:00  Snack
5:15  Story times – table activities
6:00  Busy Bee Closes


7:00  Breakfast-social play – table activities
8:15  Welcome circle
8:30  Outdoor play
9:00  Morning Circle
9:15  Snack- Social play – Small group activities
10:15  Story time
10:30  Outdoor play
11:30   Lunch
12:00  Nap
2:00  Books – Quite activities
2:30  Afternoon snack
2:45  Social play – Small group activities
3:20   Afternoon Circle
3:30  Outdoor play
5:15  Outdoor Play (switch yards)
6:00  Busy Bee Closes


  • IMG_20140821_094251Build a positive self-image.
  • Develop self-reliance.
  • Develop positive social interaction.
  • Enhance cognitive growth and positive attitudes toward learning.
  • Develop constructive decision-making patterns.
  • Learn appreciation of others, both like and unlike themselves.
  • Find personal growth through emotional expression.
  • Stimulate physical development within the personal limits of each child.


Although BUSY BEE does not stress academic achievement at the preschool level,we do recognize the need to provide children with mentally stimulating and concept building activities.

Tasks which require remembering, classifying, ordering matching and verbalization are the groundwork for later learning. Concepts including symbols, letters, numbers, shapes and colors are explored and experienced.

Children are also encouraged to develop their physical motor abilities: such as hand-eye coordination, visual perception and small muscle skills.


The purpose of art at BUSY BEE is to expose the child to various media. The experience of doing is important, not the finished product. Using and experiencing different shapes, colors and texture is the process by which learning occurs.

Crafts are a different activity to teach the child to follow instructions or to learn a particular skill. We want each child to appreciate his own unique creation.


Mastery of the spoken English language makes learning so much easier. Dramatic play allows the child to experience various roles and try out new identities.  It also has a therapeutic value as it provides a safe outlet for acting out fantasies and fears.


Music is another basic part of your child’s pre-school experience. At BUSY BEE your child will be exposed to such concepts as rhythm, creative movement, language development, voice and body control, auditory discrimination and listening skills.


child and dirtScience teaches your child how to learn. Not how to be taught, but how to learn! Your child will ask questions and finds alternative solutions. Your child will observe, experiment and test as well as be involved in the outcome.

Planned science activities occur during class time, but “what if” is the best teacher of all, and children are encouraged to discover.


We use a variety of techniques to teach children to control their own behavior. Difficult behavior doesn’t mean that the child is intentionally misbehaving. Usually it’s merely a child testing the boundaries of what’s okay and what’s not. Our goal is to teach the child the boundaries in a consistent fashion so the child can stop testing them and learn to trust them.

We set effective limits, tell the children what they are, and consistently reinforce them.

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